$5 Cover Amplified | Kate Crowder: A Cautionary Tale from alan spearman on Vimeo.

Video: Inside her Shelby County schools classroom, teacher Kate Crowder spirits her fourth-grade students through each day with enthusiasm. Crowder, the leader of the band Two Way Radio and also the mother of two, explains that it would be nice to think bullies are confined to the schoolyard. But as her revenge tune “Carrie Rodgers” attests, some adults never grow up.

Project background: “A Cautionary Tale” is a part of “$5 Cover Amplified,” a nine-part documentary series developed for MTV New Media and The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper of Memphis.

Each piece explores the motivations of unique Southern musicians, who play fictional versions of themselves in the MTV-aired “$5 Cover.”

“Amplified” was directed and shot by Alan Spearman, a good friend and highly talented photographer on staff at the paper. Spearman also worked with Lance Murphey, another Old Bridge Media collaborator, on the excellent documentary feature “Nobody.”

The project received two Emmy Awards.