Full Movie from I AM A MAN on Vimeo.

Video: “I Am a Man” takes the first, highly personal look at the character of the men and women whose strike for equality in 1968 fatefully drew the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis.

Framed by the story of Elmore Nickleberry, a senior-citizen sanitation worker who remains on the job each night in the city, the film moves beyond the typical historical narrative to examine the effect of racism and discrimination on families, the values that hold families together, and the satisfaction derived from a well-lived life.

Project background: “I Am a Man,” a co-production of Old Bridge Media and Running Pony Productions, received four Emmy Awards, a CINE Golden Eagle Award, and several first-place honors at film festivals nationwide. It has appeared on the majority of PBS stations nationwide, and continues to be aired. The title is currently seeking educational distribution.

Credits: John Hubbell, writer/co-producer. Jonathan Epstein, director/co-producer. Ryan Goble, cinematographer/co-producer/editor. Music supervision by Scott Bomar. “I Am a Man” song written by Deanie Parker. Calvin Taylor and Deanie Parker, executive producers.