I traveled to Tumbang Saan, Indonesia, deep in the nation’s rainforest, with correspondent Aubrey Belford to produce this video for The New York Times on the Dayak people’s quest to practice their ancient beliefs despite a national policy requiring them to belong one of a few more mainstream faiths.

Our story follows Morgan Harrington, an Australian anthropologist, who was working at the time to document the Dayak’s threatened traditions — a mix of animism, idol worship and faith healing, among other things.

The Dayak also make a mean rice wine.

Click here to watch video. Below, the print story on the front page of the then-International Herald Tribune.

Credits: John Hubbell, writer/producer/cinematographer. Aubrey Belford, correspondent/producer/cinematographer. For The New York Times: Justine Simons, senior producer. Jeff Delviscio, producer, International Desk.

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