The Soundtrack Project: Top of the Mountain from Memphis Chamber on Vimeo.

Video: Rosalva King, herself an immigrant, draws on her experiences to humanize and explain the often confusing journey to citizenship for thousands who are new to the country.

Sweetly, unabashedly patriotic, King works from a humble office complex, switching from Spanish to English, showing clients where to sign forms, organize their documents and, ultimately, take the oath to officially be a part of the United States.

We follow one client’s journey.

Project background: The Soundtrack Project is an eight-part multimedia project I created to team symphony composers with local business owners in Memphis, Tennessee. The idea was to fashion unique vernacular scores for each video by allowing the composer to engage with each subject and experience aspects of their industry firsthand. The videos were housed at, adpated for a half-hour PBS special, and played with live accompaniment at a special Memphis Symphony Orchestra concert.